Tuesday, May 24, 2011


TODAY'S HERO:  Rae Abileah!!!  A 28-year-old Jewish American woman who is a CODEPINK peace activist. She bravely spoke out for the human rights of Palestinians in a sea of AIPAC members. As Netanyahu defended her democratic right to speak out and protest AIPAC members were assaulting her.

Will they be arrested also? 

“I am in great pain, but this is nothing compared to the pain and suffering that Palestinians go through on a regular basis,” said Abileah from her hospital bed. “I have been to Gaza and the West Bank, I have seen Palestinians homes bombed and bulldozed, I have talked to mothers whose children have been killed during the invasion of Gaza, I have seen the Jewish-only roads leading to ever-expanding settlements in the West Bank. This kind of colonial occupation cannot continue. As a Jew and a U.S. citizen, I feel obligated to rise up and speak out against stop these crimes being committed in my name and with my tax dollars.”    Her Quilt: OCCUPYING LAND IS INDEFENSIBLE

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