Sunday, August 3, 2014


Israeli Military in the Occupied Territories aka Palestinian Territories

VERY INFORMATIVE!!!  Right now I can only testify that the first 20 minutes of this film shows no physically gruesome photos or film but I seriously can't watch any more at this time because I am feeling nauseous and my eyes are filled with tears.  HOW CAN A SO-CALLED DEMOCRACY (THE USA) PAY FOR THIS

I have watched many films but this one is different because it is so many Israelis talking or maybe it is because it is not dead faces but faces with the torture they experienced right behind their eyes - you can see it in these young men - and just a sliver of a glance at the horrific, life altering torture and terror they experienced as a child or maybe it is just overload on the terrible things that are going on in so many places in the world that we hear about, just maybe. But whatever it is - I am weak and must turn in off - what A PARADISE I LIVE IN THAT I CAN TOUCH A BUTTON AND TURN IT OFF. 


"Breaking the Silence" an ex-Israeli soldiers' organization is in the film, as well. The founder, Yehuda Shaul,
tells how he doesn't remember children in the West Bank because it was them (no matter what age) and us. I actually thought he was going to say that in the past they didn't do that to kids - I was wrong.
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