Thursday, October 13, 2011

Israel a Democracy? Democracy means Equality for ALL, right?

Look at the Photo Below - What do you think is going on?

"This is the village of Al Arakib, a Bedouin village in the north Negev. These Israeli soldiers have just helped to demolish her home as they have done FIVE times since July!
Everyone in this photo is Israeli - EVERYONE!  
But why would they do that,  she is an Israeli citizen, too.

Important points from Israel 'declares war on its people' - Al Jazeera English by Mya Guarnieri:
The government claims that Al Arakib was abandoned and, as such, belongs to the state. According to the state, these people must be removed to make way for a forest to be planted by the Jewish National Fund.
Villagers, some of whom hold Ottoman-era deeds to the property, say that the Israeli army asked them to leave temporarily in 1951. Believing they would be able to move back, they left. It was then, they say, that the state declared Al Arakib abandoned and expropriated it.
But the Bedouin maintained a connection to the earth. They continued to cultivate the village land, harvesting olives, pomegranates, and other produce. And more than a decade ago, they rooted themselves in Al Arakib once again, building houses and families.
Just days before the village was destroyed for the first time, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, declared that "an international campaign is being waged against the definition of Israel as a Jewish state .... in the Negev, for example, if it becomes a region without a Jewish majority". Netanyahu added that such a change would be "a real threat" to the Jewish state.
Israeli activists like Amit Ramon agree.  Ramon says he feels a responsibility to stand against any injustice the government commits in his name. He has been with the village since the beginning and witnessed the first demolition, when some 1,500 police came to evacuate the 300 residents.  "They came with power like they thought the citizens would open war against them," Ramon says.  The police forcibly removed the villagers, who resisted non-violently. And then they destroyed Al Arakib.  "They ruined all the houses, they tore out the trees, they knocked over all the water tanks. There were hen cages. They ruined everything."   Ramon pauses and looks at the ground. He seems to be struggling to come to terms with the memory. "It was the end of July. It's hot here, people need to drink water. They need to drink water," he says, "and [the police] spilled all the water. They broke [the tanks] so it's impossible to use them."
Read full article: Israel 'declares war on its people'

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