Friday, July 8, 2011

Convention center workers' religion documented - WSMV Channel 4 - Nashville, TN

On the most expensive and expansive public project ever undertaken in Tennessee, a report, compiled every quarter includes the religions of the workers on site.
A spreadsheet is available to anyone on the Internet, broken down by percentage of Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist laborers. Anything other than Christian is lumped under the category of "other."
"I didn't believe you when you called me and told me they were demanding or requiring information about religion or religious beliefs of the employees. You had to email it to me. I had to read it for myself. I think it's an outrageous gross invasion of privacy for an employer to say, "I want to know what church you go to or temple or synagogue or place of faith and worship, and I'm going to report your religious information to the local government.' I've never heard of such a thing," said attorney Larry Woods.

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