Thursday, July 14, 2016

Police Chief Edward Flynn 

speaks to reporters after a Fire and Police Commission meeting Thursday night concerning the shooting of Dontre Hamilton.

Bravo!!!  Public Servants FEEL this day in and day out.

It can be frustrating for Public Servants to see people so concerned for a moment because when those people go home - the servants will continue to work, struggle, and sacrifice on a daily basis. The servants will be the ones that will continue to have to try to deal with the tragedies, sleep with the nightmares, and hide the horrors they see from their families every single day.  To me this is just like seeing the people standing outside of an Abortion clinic "Praying for the fetuses."  Now, GOD knows their intent - but to spend hours intimidating women when many of them will not lift a finger to help the living children in their community that suffer without food, clothing, or housing. Those same people will instead sit in judgement of everyone around them.

For people that care, worry, and give their lives to make the community better; dealing with other’s judgements about things they do not have a clue about can be infuriating and nauseating. This man knows the cries of sorrow he will have to block; the sights, sounds, and smells of death that will slam his senses; and the fear, confusion, and anger of friends and neighbors that will permeate the air. We can talk about the cause but don’t think for a moment that we can know what these men and women deal with daily.

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