Monday, September 19, 2011

Should or Shouldn't PALESTINE be Recognized by the United Nations

Palestinian Statehood Strategy Headed For U.N. Clash   

...we have had "peace talks for the last 20 years. Actually, three days ago, four days ago, we had the 18th anniversary of the Oslo Accords that were signed in 1993. What did we get as Palestinians in return of all the peace agreement that we made with Israel?   

Israel planting our territories with illegal settlements. Israel refusal to sit down engage with us in a genuine, meaningful negotiations to end the conflict. We have been urging the Israelis to talk about security and borders, and the Israeli government - for more than one reason - are adamant about refusing to sit down with the Palestinians to discuss an end to the conflict."

Jimmy Carter: 'No Downside' to Palestine Statehood 

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