Saturday, September 10, 2011

VIDEO: Growing up Muslim in post-9/11 America & My Broken Promise

In Nashville, TN, in Sept. 2000, I brought my 3 boys to the State Fair for the first time. My oldest could ride the bumper cars but my second son was not tall enough. He just barely missed the height requirement. So I promised that I would bring them to the State Fair the next year. Throughout the year they kept asking and looking forward to the fair... I kept promising them I would bring them.  I hardly ever make promises to the kids... we usually say, "We will see."  But the fair was so much fun for them, I was homeschooling, and the wristband was something I knew we could afford.
"I promise."  
But as Fate would have it... Sept. 11th happened and the kids were still begging to go and I couldn't explain why we couldn't go. I didn't want to scare them or make them afraid to go outside like me.
The video below reminded me of my broken promise. Ten years later and we still have not gone to another State Fair.

Growing up Muslim in post-9/11 America

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  1. Nice post Lana! I hope that you and your family will feel comfortable going to the state fair again soon. It makes me sad that you are not able to do that.