Friday, August 5, 2011

Answering Israeli Propoganda.

When I heard Netanyahu address our Congress I was confused when he said that they were not occupying the West Bank because those areas belong to them. He went on to say that area is called Samaria and Judea and is Jewish Land. The Congress clapped. What?
Israel's argument is:
Because Jordan never had any right to the territory, and there had never been an independent Palestinian state, the last legitimate claim to the West Bank was Israel’s, dating back to the League of Nations Mandate, via the Balfour Declaration. Therefore, there is a dispute over the land, but Israeli settlement is legal and the territory is not considered occupied under the law.
Read the full article: His Own Private Fantasy | Souciant
to find out the real answers and know how to answer Israeli's propaganda.

An example of one of Israeli's Argument is that there NEVER was a Palestinian Independent State:
Was there ever a Palestine? There has never been an independent state of Palestine. It’s also true that Jordan had no legal authority over the West Bank between 1949 and 1967. That does not mean Israel has a claim to that land. It also does not mean, as Ayalon implies, that the land cannot fall under the law of military occupation. It can, and as nearly every international law expert agrees, it does.

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