Monday, August 1, 2011

Why did Tunisia and Egypt fall so fast and Libya, Yemen, & Syria are not?

I have wondered why Libya, Yemen, and Syria can't do what the Tunisians and Egyptians did. I am very afraid for the Syrians - I fear he may do what his father did and massacre over 100,000 people. God Forbid.
While the military sided against the dictators in Egypt and Tunisia, the situation in Libya, Yemen and Syria is complicated by the fact that their regimes' militia, special forces and republican guards have been better organised, better armed and better financed - and hence more potent and in control of their national armies.
These "mini armies" are headed by, and are loyal to, influential family members of the regimes that have long groomed them to fight in defence of the regime, not for state or society.
These soldiers' indoctrination and privilege blind them from noticing the changing reality. Instead, they continue to kill and destroy their countries to try to save their expired regimes.
As these ruling families monopolised security and business, they've emptied their countries of independent state agents capable of taking a neutral or mediating position. This has led to direct and ugly confrontations between people and the escalation of brute force.
Be that as it may, Libya, Yemen and Syria face complete economic shutdown, economic sanctions, and poor supplies. There is a limit to their resources.
Read full article by Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera's senior political analyst, answers questions about the current escalation - and what some see as setbacks - surrounding the uprisings in Libya, Syria, and Yemen.  A rude Arab awakening - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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