Saturday, August 20, 2011

Corporations are running our Counties, States, and Country. If an Elected official pleases corporations with laws, then the corporations donate and DONATE BIG.

I don't know how our laws allow politicians to get paid for their policies that favor corporations. The money is easy to trace but nothing is done about it and now it looks like more and more of our government is being run "by Big Corporations;" not "by The People."

According to the NY Times Article: "Rick Perry’s Donors Reap Benefits From Texas State Aid"

Mr. Perry leapt into the Republican presidential primary this month preceded by his reputation as a thoroughbred fund-raiser. But a review of Mr. Perry’s years in office reveals that one of his most potent fund-raising tools is the very government he heads.
Over three terms in office, Mr. Perry’s administration has doled out grants, tax breaks, contracts and appointments to hundreds of his most generous supporters and their businesses. And they have helped Mr. Perry raise more money than any politician in Texas history, donations that have periodically raised eyebrows but, thanks to loose campaign finance laws and a business-friendly political culture dominated in recent years by Republicans, have only fueled Mr. Perry’s ascent.
In 2003, after a rash of mold-related lawsuits against home construction companies, Mr. Perry championed the creation of a state board, the Texas Residential Construction Commission. The new commission was a priority of Mr. Perry’s most generous contributor: Bob Perry, a homebuilder who has contributed more than $2 million to the governor over his career. (The two men are not related.)
The legislation creating the board also sharply limited the rights of homeowners to sue contractors for faulty construction, shunting most disputes to the commission. After its passage, Bob Perry and his wife sent two $50,000 checks to the governor’s campaign. Three weeks later, the governor appointed an executive of Perry Homes, Bob Perry’s company, to the commission, which was abolished in 2009.
Everything is so blatant and easily traced - why do we continue to just observe and shake our heads. Wrong is wrong and this is something that has to be fixed.  I think the only way to fix this is to make politicians run on issues and not on the amount of money they can raise - how to do this?  I haven't a clue [shaking head]. 

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