Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Are Republicans Turning Against the Environment? (Video) : TreeHugger

I don't know how anyone today can deny global warming. It is happening and we must take steps to protect the place that protects us: EARTH. By sticking our heads in the sand it does not change what is going on and in the past we didn't stick our heads in the sand - Lead caused health problems when it was in our gas, so we took it out and now we don't have that problem; We learned that germs exist and are spread, so we started to wash hands more regularly and if we do it often enough, we have less viruses and bacterial infections; etc.  When we face our problems and look for the answers, we have accomplished many wonderful successes. But if we ignore what is going on we can't make things better and will have to live (or die) with the consequences.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was created by a republican?      Yes, Richard Nixon.

Today, the Republicans seem to be turning away from protecting our environment and bowing to corporation's profits, the Tea Party demands, and plain old sticking their heads in the sand and denying science. 

"Short answer: 1) In an attempt to impress its Tea Party base. 2) Because two of its front-runners are prescribe to a religious ideology wherein it's unfathomable that man could foul the big G's creation -- this is also why Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann literally believe climate science is a hoax. 3) The money's pouring in from industry interests."

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