Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PNN - Palestine News Network - Israeli Troops Invade West Bank Communities; Demolish a Home and Arrests 6 Civilians

Bethlehem- PNN-
During pre-dawn Invasions targeting a number of West Bank communities Israeli troops arrested 6 men after searching homes, Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday.   Elsewhere Israeli troops and an army bulldozer stone the village of Beit Iskaria near Bethlehem, in Southern West Bank, and demolished one home there.

The house belongs to Mohammed Sa’d and is the home of 10 people, Sa’d was fighting an army demolishing order in court he explained that the court did not rule against the house yet and the army action violates the court order of leaving the status quo.


Imagine having to go to an Occupier of your land to ask if you can build on your own land!!!   UTTER NONSENSE!!!

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