Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why do the Israeli's prevent Gazan Fisherman from Fishing in Gazan Water

The Israelis shouted repeatedly in Arabic for the Oliva to stop, “wa-qef Oliva! wa-qef Oliva! Oliva, wa-qef! wa-qef al-safineh!” This translates to “Stop, Oliva! Stop, Oliva! Oliva, stop! Stop the ship!” The Palestinians that had boarded the Oliva and had taken control over it did not stop but rather helped to tie ropes attaching the boat to two hasakas which proceeded to tow it away from the Israelis. Salah re-boarded the Oliva and all of the men on board started bailing out the water as the smaller boats towed them to the port. The crew and the Oliva managed to escape once again. It’s interesting that after the crew left the boat, the Israeli Navy seemed more concerned with the Oliva itself than with the people that were on it. We already know from previous interactions with them that they would like to arrest us, however some of us think that they prefer to drive us off of the boat and simply destroy the boat or tow it to Ashdod without having to deal with arresting and deporting internationals. If they arrested us they would be forced to deal with explaining why the arrests took place in territorial waters that they do not claim jurisdiction over in their weak attempt to pretend that it’s “no longer occupied.” There’s no doubt about it, the Israelis want the Olivia gone. They know that our presence has helped to empower the fishermen and encourage them to defy the illegal blockade. They know what we do out there and they’ve made it clear that they don’t like it and they’ve had enough. Several press representatives have asked if our intention is simply to antagonize the Israeli Navy. I don’t care what it appears that we are doing, the fact is that when this campaign started we had very little up-close interaction with the Israelis and were somewhat effective in helping to make the fishermen feel like they had a safe area to fish. We do not go out to sea to antagonize the Israelis, we don’t even have to reach 3 nautical miles before encountering them; they wait for us and taunt us along with the fishermen, hoping that we will do something antagonistic that might excuse the use of force against us. Our goal in continuing to go out to sea is to try, in spite of the Zionists’ actions, to provide our service in documenting their crimes at sea in the hopes of deterring their harassment against the fishermen. The Zionists seem to be less and less concerned with people observing and reporting their crimes as they had no problem attacking us today in the presence of media. It raises the questions of to what extent will we actually be able to continue to help the fishermen and how CPS Gaza might improve its tactics. The crew and some project supervisors will meet tonight to discuss our next mission and what should be done from here.
For Details of what happened on July 20, 2011 on Intern'l Waters off the Gazan Coast Read:
Report for CPS Gaza Mission 20/07/11 — Attacked Again by Israeli Navy. | | Gaza TV News

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