Friday, July 29, 2011

Palestinians have to live on 50 litres of water a day while Israeli settlers enjoy the luxury of 280 litres.

"Israeli officials destroy a water storage facility used by Palestinian farmers outside the West Bank village of Yatta, near the Israeli settlement of Sosia, in early June [EPA]"

 "Around three weeks ago on a late Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers armed with a truck and a digger entered the Palestinian village of Amniyr and destroyed nine water tanks. One week later, Israeli forces demolished water wells and water pumps in the villages of Al-Nasaryah, Al-Akrabanyah and Beit Hassan in the Jordan Valley."

There is nothing more essential to life than WATER!!!  Why destroy? How must the Palestinians that need this water feel?  What could they do?  This is just so inhumane and infuriating!!!  May God punish those that continue to do these kinds of punishments and those that do nothing, absolutely nothing!
Read full article: Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict? - Features - Al Jazeera English

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