Saturday, July 16, 2011

Victim works to help Death Row Inmate

"Bhuiyan believes that his attacker does not deserve to die and has created a website,, to urge Texas to spare Stroman's life.
"In order to live in a better and peaceful world, we need to break the cycle of hate and violence. I believe forgiveness is the best policy, which helps to break this cycle," he said, calling himself a victim of a hate crime. "I forgave Mark Stroman many years ago. I believe he was ignorant and not capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. Otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did."

Bhuiyan is also working with Amnesty International and Stroman's attorneys to at least delay the lethal injection. The Bangladeshi man cites his Muslim faith, saying he has received the blessing of the dead men's families. And he wants to meet his attacker on death row before it is too late.

"His attorney gave him the message that one of your victims is running this campaign to save your life," he said. "He was reduced to tears. He couldn't believe one of his victims would come forward and try to save his life."
Stroman says his biggest regret is that he would leave his four children behind and says that being a capital inmate is a "nightmare come to life." Prisoner No. 999-409 also claims to be a changed man.
"I am sorry to say I made innocent people pay for my rage, anger, grief and loss," he said. "I have destroyed my victims' families as well as my own. Out of pure anger and stupidity I did some things to some men from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. And now I sit on death row awaiting execution. And by no means am I proud of what I have done.'"

I support the Death Penalty in this situation and believe that it will deter others from acting on their hateful impulses.

Texas inmate set to die for hate crimes in 9/11's wake -

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