Thursday, July 14, 2011

CPS: Israeli ship attacks international solidarity boat crew off Gaza coast | International Solidarity Movement

Gazan Fisherman risk their lives everyday trying to make a living to feed their families.
Israel has a Three-Mile fishing limit placed on the Palestinians. Staying within this 3-Mile zone does not prevent the fisherman from being harrassed, targeted, and even killed by the Israelis.  WAKE UP WORLD!!!

"We approached a cluster of hasaka fishing boats that were being attacked with water cannons at midday on July 13. As we got closer all I could focus on was the officer manning the machine gun, covered from head to toe with black, which struck me as very medieval, if you know what I mean.
Our boat, along with the fishing vessels, was around two miles out to sea, well within the three-mile fishing limit imposed by Israel. We saw marines congregate on deck to watch as the water cannon was angled slowly but deliberately towards us. To my delight they struggled against the wind initially, but eventually managed to angle round us as we fumbled with the water-logged engine. I took one look at the jet being generated vertically and knew what was coming. Sure enough, pellets of water began to rain down on us with stinging force. Then I, camera in one hand, felt the jet stream slap my face directly, staying there for several seconds, before the boat was yanked away by the fishermen around us."

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