Sunday, July 31, 2011

Syria's 'secret doctors' risk their own lives -

    "People refuse to go to government hospitals because they will be arrested and if they die we cannot take their body." He explains. Families, he claims can only collect the body of their loved ones after signing a document saying they were killed by armed gangs.
    There is graphic Video with an interview of the founder of the "Damascus Doctors" showing very injured people that were peacefully demonstrating for freedom when the military attacked.

    The Syrian government has consistently maintained that it does not target peaceful demonstrations, blaming the violence on armed gangs who infiltrated the demonstrators, with the intent to set up an Al Qaeda style Islamic caliphate in Syria.
    • Underground network of 60 medics call themselves the "Damascus Doctors"
    • They set up secret, hidden clinics in neighborhoods where demonstrations take place
    • People injured in demonstrations use the network for fear of arrest if they visit hospitals
    • Network has a Facebook page, their intent not only to save lives, but to expose regime's crimes

    Syria's 'secret doctors' risk their own lives -

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